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General Information

Dragon Soul Stone Inventory.jpg

Dragon Soul Alchemy is a system designed for high level players with the purpose to strengthen your char in a certain direction.

Characters above level 40 can go to the Alchemist and activate the quest The Mysterious Stones, this will require them to collect 1 right

Dragon Stone Shard and return it to the Alchemist that will give one

Cor Draconis (Rough) in return. After this quest is completed, the player has now access to the Dragon Stones Alchemy Inventory by clicking the button on inventory Dss button.png or using the "O" key shortcut.

Also after completing the 1st quest, the character will have access to a daily quest A Fragmented Collection, while on this quest, players will drop

Dragon Stone Shard as Alternative Drop, once the player has collected 10 shards, they will automatically transform into

Cor Draconis (Rough), this can be done 25 times each day (Lv.50-74 +10; Lv.75-94 +25; Lv.95+ +55), if you right-click on the cor draconis, you will get a Dragon Stone (Rough) in a random color (Diamond, Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Garnet and Onyx)

Ench. Dragon Stone Shards are also available in game, only players above level 90 can farm them since they can be dropped only from metins in Dark Dragon maps. 3x is needed to automatically fuse them into a

Cor Draconis (Rough).


  • Dragon Stone Shard have no time limit, are not dropable or tradable but they are stackable and you can't sell them on shop or to npc.

Drop rate is based on player level:
Under Lv.50: -20% drop rate
Level 50-74: +20% drop rate
Level 75-94: +40% drop rate
Lv.95 and + : Double drop rate

  • The various stones might or might not be tradable denpending on the class:
Class Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trading Window Private Shop
Rough No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo
Cut Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png No.pngNo No.pngNo
Rare Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png No.pngNo No.pngNo
Antique Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png No.pngNo No.pngNo
Legendary Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png No.pngNo No.pngNo


The dragon stones have 3 diferent aspects that can be improved:

    • Class: Rough, Cut, Rare, Antique, Legendary
    The higher the class the more bonus the dragon stone will have
    As the class improves the "golden frame" around the stone changes in the icon:

    Rough Dragon Onyx (Minor).png Cut Dragon Onyx (Minor).png Rare Dragon Onyx (Minor).png Antique Dragon Onyx (Minor).png Legendary Dragon Onyx (Minor).png

    • Clarity: Minor, Low Class, Intermediate, High, Super Class
    The higher the clarity the higher are the bonus on the dragon stone
    As the clarity improves the stone inside the "golden frame" changes in the icon:

    Rough Dragon Ruby (Minor).png Rough Dragon Ruby (Low Class).png Rough Dragon Ruby (Intermediate).png Rough Dragon Ruby (High).png Rough Dragon Ruby (Super Class).png

    • Level: +1 to +6
    The higher the level the higher are the bonus on the dragon stone
    The level can only be seen in the item description

There are six different types (diamond, ruby, jade, sapphire, garnet and onyx), each has a different effect.

Legendary Dragon Diamond (Super Class).png Legendary Dragon Ruby (Super Class).png Legendary Dragon Jade (Super Class).png Legendary Dragon Sapphire (Super Class).png Legendary Dragon Garnet (Super Class).png Legendary Dragon Onyx (Super Class).png

These are the examples of the max bonus the stones can give, for a complete listing of all possible bous on all stages click the links of each type of stone.

Type Bonus 1 Bonus 2 (at higher stages) Bonus up to max. 2 (at higher stages)
Legendary Dragon Diamond (Super Class).png Diamond (All Stones) +12 Intelligence 12% Lightning Resistance Resistance against Skill Damage 6%
Skill Damage 6%
Resistance against critical hits +12%
Magical Defence +360
Magical Attack Value +180
Legendary Dragon Ruby (Super Class).png Ruby (All Stones) +12 Stenght 12% Fire Resistance Average Damage 6%
Critical Damage Resistance +12%
Pierce Power Boost +6%
Critical Power Boost +6%
Attack Value +180
Legendary Dragon Jade (Super Class).png Jade (All Stones) Max.SP +1200 12% Wind Resistance Max.HP +3600
Max.HP +12%
Chance to deal +12% melee damage and absorb is as HP
Resistance against piercing hits +12%
Chance to recover 6% HP on enemy kill
Legendary Dragon Sapphire (Super Class).png Sapphire (All Stones) +12 Agility 12% Ice Resistance 18% Resistance Against Warrior/Assassin/Sura/Mage attacks
Chance to steal 12% of your melee damage as SP
Legendary Dragon Garnet (Super Class).png Garnet (All Stones) +1800 HP 12% Earth Resistance Max.SP +1800
Max.SP +24%
Average Damage Resistance 6%
Pierce Damage Resistance +12%
Magic Resistance 12%.
Legendary Dragon Onyx (Super Class).png Onyx (All Stones) +12 Life Energy 12% Darkness Resistance Strong Against Warrior/Assassin/Sura/Mages +12%
Chance to recover 6% SP on enemy kill

Cor Draconis

Cor Draconis Content
Cor Draconis (Rough)
The crystal dragon heart contains a random Dragon Stone from the rough class.

Class Upgrade

Class upgrade.png

To upgrade the class you need more Dragon stones of the same class

Put the needed dragon stone in the appropriate slots and click “refine”.

When the process fails you will keep one stone with the same class

All class upgrades require 2 stones:

Upgrade Required Stones
Rough to Cut 2
Cut to Rare 2
Rare to Antique 2
Antique to Legendary 2

Clarity Upgrade

Clarity upgrade.jpg

To upgrade the clarity you need more Dragon stones of the same clarity

Put the needed dragon stone in the appropriate slots and click “refine”.

When the process fails you will keep one stone of the same clarity grade

You need 2 stones for each upgrade:

Upgrade Required Stones
Minor to Low Class 2
Low Class to Intermediate 2
Intermediate to High 2
High to Super Class 2

Level Upgrade

Level upgrade.jpg

For this kind of upgrade you need an additional item:

Put the bean and one dragon stone in the appropriate slots and select “refine".

The refinement can fail, in this case The dragon stone level is reduced by or remains unchanged.

Beans drop from metins, bosses and are available in the item-shop (Blue and Pink)

Dragon Soul Stones Activation

Dragon Soul Stone 2 Sets.jpg
Activate Button.jpg
DSA Symbol.jpg

You can equip 2 sets of dragon stones.

To equip the dragon stone you simply have to drag the dragon stone into the corresponding color slot in the chosen set.

To activate the chosen set of dragon stone, you only need to click on “Activate”.

Once you activate the set, the time start expiring and a buff is visible on the top left of the screen.

The symbol of the buffs is the same as the set you activate.

You can’t activate both sets at the same time.

Removing Stones and Stone Duration

Alchemist Shop.png

To unequip the Dragon Soul Stone you can drag the stone from the top panel to the below panel, or right click on it.

Dragon Tongs will give you an higher chance of removing the Dragon Soul Stone
You only need to drag the item on the equipped stone

Tongs of Time will allow you to create a Time Elixir. To create it you have to drag it on the non equipped Dragon Soul Stone (the stone will be removed from your DSS inventory and the elixir will appear in your inventory).

Time Elixir (S)

Time Elixir (M)

Time Elixir (L)
The extension is random and in percentage. Extraction can fail. You can use the Elixir by dragging it on the equipped stone.