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Demon Tower

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FlagNeutral.png Demon Tower
The Demon Tower, usually shortened as DT, can be reached through the Demon Tower Guard in the Dark Temple. You need to be at level 40 to be allowed entrance. Starting from level 60 it can be reached through the Teleporter. The tower is made up out of different levels, also called "floors". Each floor can be reached by finishing the required task on that particular floor.
The Demon Tower
Ground floor
Destroy the Metin of Toughness opposite to the entrance portal. Once the Metin is destroyed, everyone will be teleported to the 1st floor. If the Metin is not available, just be patient because as long as there are some other people on the 1st floor, the Metin of Toughness will not respawn.
Floor 1
Kill all the mobs to proceed to the next floor
Attention: Starting on this level, the monsters are aggressive!
Floor 2
Kill all the mobs to proceed to the next floor. Note that the spawns of the Demon King are not counted towards the task, meaning that if you killed all the original mobs on the floor and left the spawns (which are the Flying Skulls, you will still be teleported to floor 3.
Attention: Demon King
Floor 3
Destroy the Metin of Devil to proceed with the next challenge on the same floor. Once you killed the Metin of Devil, 7 Metin of Fall will spawn around the floor. You need to break those Metins until you find the correct one. If you are hitting a Metin of Fall that is incorrect, this one will disappear once it has reached around 20% of its life. As soon as you break the correct Metin of Fall you will get message that you will be teleported to the 4th floor.
Floor 4
The task on this floor is to open the 5 Seals with the Unlock Stone that drops from the archers. After every spawn, 1 Unlock Stone will drop. To open a Seals you must drag and drop the Unlock Stone on the Seal. When you get "5 minutes remaining" warning, that is a sign that you already should have opened 4 Seals and that the last Unlock Stone will drop on this spawn. If you fail, there is still one more spawn after the "5 minutes remaining" spawn to get that final key.
Tip: The southernmost point of the map is a "safe zone". Here a few monsters respawn and almost no violent demons ... If you're not strong enough to survive many brutal demons, you should stand up here.
Floor 5
The aim for this floor is the special Blacksmith that specializes in Weapons, Armour or Accessories. In order to get this Blacksmith, you need to kill the Proud Demon King. Once you kill it, the Black Smith will spawn. This Blacksmith will not require any upgrade materials (so for example, no White Pearl when upgrading a lvl 65 weapon to +7), but will only require the yangs. You are only allowed to upgrade once per character. There will still be a chance to fail the item. If you try to upgrade, but do not have enough yang in your inventory, it will still count the upgrade, so make sure you have enough yang in your inventory before you upgrade.

Floor 6
Destroy all the Metins of Death
Aim: find the Elite Demon Tower Map in order to reach the next floor.
Once you have broken the last Metin of Death, the room will fill up with mobs and a Metin of Murder will spawn. When you break this Metin, an Unknown Old Chest will drop. You need to click on the Unknown Old Chest to find the Elite Demon Tower Map. You can drop either Elite Demon Tower Map or Demon Tower Map, where Demon Tower Map is the fake one.You need to kill the Metin of Murder until you drop Elite Demon Tower Map from the Unknown Old Chest.
Note: once the Elite Demon Tower Map drops, the Metin of Murder will stop spawning.
Tip: this is a good floor to farm Soul Stones and Skill Books.

Floor 7
On this floor you must find the Elite Demon Key. Once you find this key, you need to drag and drop it on the Tombstone at the opposite of the spawning site of that room. There is also a "Fake Key" named Demon Key. This key serves no purpose.
Tip: The keys (both fake and correct) are dropped by the Immortal Ghost.

Floor 8
This is the last floor. Here you will find the Death Reaper. It is up to you if you want to kill all the mobs before killing the Death Reaper. He spawns at the back of the room, usually.

Special Notes
  • Even though the floors are numbered here from 1 to 8, it is more common for players to start counting the Ground Floor as 1st Floor. Which means that if someone says that they are on the 5th Floor means that they are on the floor that drops the Unlock Stones. Therefore 6th floor is where the Blacksmith spawns. With this, the Demon Tower has 9 floors instead of 8 floors.
  • The area right outside of Demon Tower, the end of Dark Temple basically, is a good place for PvP fighting for all 3 kingdoms since it is very accessible through the Teleporter. This gave for the popular term "DT Fights"
  • Effective bonus: Strong against Undead
  • You need level 75 to pass floor 6. and higher.
Interactive Map

Demon Tower Map.jpg

After the destruction of the Proud Demon King on the fifth floor a special Blacksmith (Weaponsmith , Armoursmith or Accessorysmith)appears. He does not need any item for the upgrade (exp.: White Pearl, Snake Tail+ ect.) , only Yang. The succsessrate is not higher than the success rate using the Blacksmith. Everyone who is at the floor may upgrade one time only.
Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas

No image available for Monsters distribution.

No image available for metin spawn areas.

Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
Can be reached via Teleporter in: