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Devil's Catacomb

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FlagNeutral.png Devil's Catacomb
  • You have 1 hour to pass the dungeon.
  • Effective bonus: Strong against Devils and Darkness Resistance.
  • You need 1 relic (dropable from Reaper) for each player to enter on second floor.
  • Azrael's Bounty - Soul Crystal items crafting at the Alchemist.

The Devil's Catacomb

"Level 1"

To pass level 1, you must drop the Soul Crystal Key. In case you are in a group, only 1 key is needed. That needs to be delivered to the Devil Key Stone

Monsters: Devil, Devil's Wraith, Devil's Wolf

"Level 2"

You must fight your way through the Devil Ghost Doors until you reach the Devil Security Stone. To pass, all group members need to have a Relic.

Monsters: Devil's Wraith, Devil's Skulker, Devil's Spearman, Devil's Cockatrice, Devil Ghost Door, Devil's Dominator, Spectral Crusher

"Level 3"

In this floor you find 7 metin stones, but only 1 of them is real. It need to be smashed to proceed to the next level.
Monsters: Spectral Crusher‎, Spectral Spikeman, Spectral Shaman‎, Metin of Doom, Spectral Bower

"Level 4"

Here you need to go forward through a thick maze. There are 5 different ways, but only one is the correct. When one of the group members has found the way, he has to click the Current Stone.

Monsters: Spectral Shaman, Spectral Axeman, Spectral Titan‎, Spectral Hunter‎, Hateful Crusher
Unique Way

"Level 5"

Find and kill Tartaros, he is in one of the rooms beneath the temple. After he has dropped the Totem Faces bring it to the Devil God Stone and drag it on there.

Monsters: Hateful Bower‎, Hateful Shaman, Hateful Spikeman, Hateful Axeman, Hateful Titan‎, Hateful Hunter, Tartaros

"Level 6"

Kill all the monsters on this floor, then, focus on Charon. After all the monsters have been defeated, you will move on to the next level.

Monsters: Hateful Shaman, Hateful Titan, Hateful Hunter, Hateful Axeman, Hateful Spikeman‎, Erebus, Charon

"Level 7"

Kill all the monsters in the boss chamber before you focus on killing Azrael. After killing him, you will be teleported outside the Devil's Catacomb.

Monsters: Hateful Titan‎, Hateful Axeman, Hateful Hunter, Hateful Bower, Hateful Shaman‎, Hateful Spikeman, Lord's Minion, Azrael
Interactive Map

"Level 1"

"Level 2"

"Level 3"

"Level 4"

"Level 5"

"Level 6"

"Level 7"

Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas

No image available for Monsters distribution.

No image available for metin spawn areas.

Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter