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Earth Dragon Lair

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Earth Dragon Lair Map Header.png

FlagNeutral.png Earth Dragon Lair
  • Access from level 90
  • Enter at the Hye Chang
  • You have to finish two missions: Sounds of the mine! and The Mystical Ring
  • Earth&Skill damage resistance against Earth Dragon (30% recommended)
  • Party leader must bring Calamity Log
  • The time your party is given to defeat the dragon will depend on which stone (moon, star, diamond) you put on which seal
  • 1 hour to finish the run
  • 3h cooldown between runs
  • Only those who are in the party and next to Hye Chang, will be teleported in the lair
  • You have to use your Kouri Earthen Ring in order for the HP regeneration reduction to be applied. After each use, the ring will lose 20% of power (your ring should have at least 20% of power)
  • From Earth Dragon you can randomly drop 1-3x Golden Dragon Head

First Stage

  • Party leader must click on Calamity Log to start the dungeon.
  • There will be three spawns of random bosses from BETA maps. You will drop Moon, Diamond and Star Stone from them.
  • Use Stones at Kouri Seals.
  • Seal stones combination (from left to right):

Star&Diamond&Moon = 10xMetin of Gloom 6xMetin of Vanity 4xMetin of Calamity Star&Moon&Diamond = 4xMetin of Gloom 6xMetin of Vanity 10xMetin of Calamity Diamond&Star&Moon = 10xMetin of Gloom 4xMetin of Vanity 6xMetin of Calamity Diamond&Moon&Star = 6xMetin of Gloom 4xMetin of Vanity 10xMetin of Calamity Moon&Star&Diamond = 4xMetin of Gloom 10xMetin of Vanity 6xMetin of Calamity Moon&Diamond&Star = 6xMetin of Gloom 10xMetin of Vanity 4xMetin of Calamity

Destroy all the metins.

Second Stage

"The mighty Earth Dragon has appeared!

Kill it before it's too late and it leaves."
Slain the Earth Dragon

  • Use your Kouri Earthen Ring to reduce the regeneration of the Earth Dragon's health.
  • Prepare to the battle and slain the dragon, your party should use Polymorph Marbles.
  • Watch out for Inner Decay caused by the earthquakes, after ~10 second you'll be instakilled. Run to Cleansing Memorial and click on it, it will take off this effect from you.
  • You can poison the dragon, you should do it when the Dragon's hp is below 30-40%.
  • After killing the dragon, you can leave dungeon at Hye Chang.
Interactive Map
(without their natural loot)
    • Earth Dragon
    • random bosses from BETA maps (without their natural loot)
Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas

No image available for Monsters distribution.

No image available for metin spawn areas.

Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter