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Fishing Items

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Fishing Things


In order to be able to stack fish, one must kill them (except Minnow). To do that, one must click with the right mouse button on the fish in the inventory, then one of the 5 things can happen:

  1. The fish dies and the dead fish remains in the inventory
  2. The fish disappears in the deep water (can happen everywhere also in the desert)
  3. One receives Fishbone
  4. One receives a Clam
  5. One receives an Worm

One knows the dead and the alive fish over one Campfire crickets (available with Fisherman for 20.000 Yang).

Image Item Info
Eel Grilled: +10 strength for 10 minutes
Brook Trout Grilled: Restores 600 HP
Perch Grilled: Removes all negative effects (assumption: all negative charms waived)
Grayling Grilled: Restores 350 HP
Grass Carp Grilled: Increases attack speed +20 for 10 minutes
Carp Grilled: Increases moving speed +20 for 10 minutes
Catfish Grilled:Restores 500 SP immediately
Salmon Grilled: Restores 350 SP
Lotus Fish Grilled:Restores 1200 HP immediately
Mandarin Fish Grilled:Restores 180 SP
Rainbow Trout Grilled:Restores 600 SP
Loach Grilled: Makes invincible
Shiri Grilled: Increases strenght against all types of monsters for 10 minutes.
Mirror Carp Grilled: provides faster cooldown for 10 minutes.
Smelt Grilled: gives chance to poison cooldown for 10 minutes.
Tenchi Grilled:Restores 230 HP immediately
Pikes Grilled:Increases Agility for 10 minutes.
Tilapia Grilled:Restores 230 SP
Crucian Carp Grilled:Restores 180 HP
Minnow Seal, which can be used for catching large fish.
Clam A shell with a beautiful bowl. It can contain a bead.
(One can get these when killing each fish by coincidence.) It contains: White, blue one, red pearls as well as a piece of stone or an also nothing
Fishbone One can receive these when killing each fish by coincidence.
The Images shows the three conditions of the fish in the order: living, dead, grilled.

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Hair can be colored every 3 level, or if one bleaches it before.

Image Item Info
Bleach Your original hair color returns. Bleached hair can be colored.
Blonde Hair Dye Colors your hair blonde.
Brown Hair Dye Colors your hair brown.
Red Hair Dye Colors your hair red.
Black Hair Dye Colors your hair black.
White Hair Dye Colors your hair white.

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The Pearls can be found in shells.

Image Item Info
White Pearl A snow-white Pearl.
(comes from clams - not to confound with from the pearls furnace the guild)
Blue Pearl A splendourful blue pearl.
Blood-Red Pearl A bloodred pearl.

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Image Item Info
Escapee's Cape A cape is carried by many volatile ones. If it is in your equipment, it hides your rank. (Duration: 4 hours)
Gold Ring A simple gold ring. It can be sold in the shop at a high price.
Sage King's Glove An inherited article of the old king family, to which the ruler a mysterious Kraft lends. If put on, you get twice as much points of rank during the leveling, as normal. (Duration: 4 hours)
Lucy's Ring On the ring stands written: "The Dragon God blesses you". It prevents the droppen of articles, if your rank is negative. (You lose maximally the ring.) (Duration: 4 hours)
Sage King's Symbol An inherited symbol of the old king family, which to the ruler large Kraft lend. If put on, you get twice as much points of rank if you are not fighting, not working on safezone. (Duration: 4 hours)

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