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Hair Styles

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All hairstyles can be traded since the patch on 24/07/2012!

All costumes are unisex,permanent and with no bonus since Update v8.1!

Types of Hair Styles

Image Name Bonus
Bogart Fedora
Flower Hairstyle
Mini Mohawk
Salsa Bun
Musketeer Hairstyle
Maid Bonnet
Samurai Hat
Umbrella Hat
Headdress (F)
Dark Headdress
Dark Headdress (F)
Snowman Mask
Bobble Hat (Red)
5% Moving Speed
Santa Frosty Mask
Bobble Hat (White)
5% Moving Speed
Maya Mask
Kifwebe Mask
Venetian Mask
Tengu Mask
Witch's Hat
Zombie Pumpkin Mask

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