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The Jeongbog Dynasty is founded on the “Rule Of The conqueror”.

We fight and we must fight in order to grow strong and undermine the rule of anyone who wishes to oppose us. Every creature on this earth is born to fight and the weak are born to be devoured by the strong. Would you rather cower in fear or instill that selfsame fear on anyone who would otherwise want to kill you?

The Bojon Dynasty is founded on lies. If they truly never desired battle and conflict, they wouldn’t train so hard and bolster their forces with such cunning. They pretend to prefer a bystander role to maintain their image to stand on the side of their so-called ‘Justice’.

If the Metin plague wouldn’t oppose such a major threat to all of us, we would honestly be better off conquering our own, mislead people. Aligning with them means aligning with endless sorrow and fear. Endless pursuit of false justice will need to nothing than constantly being chased around like a wild worm in a field of birds. Happiness can not stem from this.

First town - Johwa.