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List of Quests

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Quests are a big part of your gameplay, at most levels the player will receive several quests that are worth to be performed, player can also get quests from reading mission books. For each completed quest player receives a reward like Items, Yang or EXP

How to get quests:

  • Go to Character ("C" Key) and then quests section.
  • Arrow over the NPC plus marking on the mini map and map
  • No notification; in this case the player must go to the NPC and start the quest
  • By activating certain Items (e.g.: Mission books - > see Missionbooks quests).
  • Horse development quests, (Horsequest), are activated at the Stable Boy.

The Quests can be quite simple, (Example: Kill 9 Wild Dogs) or, on the other hand, quite complex and lead you through several NPCs. Some Quests are available only after reaching a certain level.

Level 1 - 10

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
1 Lost Automatically
  • Welcome on WoM2!
1 Epitome of Misfortune Automatically
1 To Survive Automatically
1 To Survive II Automatically
1 Civilization of Dreams Automatically
  • Head to the designated locations
1 The Grand Nation Automatically
1 A Guardian's Guidance Automatically
7 One of them Automatically
10 Learning What Home Is Automatically
  • Speak with the City Guard
  • Visit all the marked locations on your map

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Level 11 - 20

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
12 Jeonbog Jeopardy Automatically
12 Bojon Backstories Automatically
14 Dawn of the Choice Automatically
16 A Crafty Problem Automatically
18 Alchemic Miscreation Automatically
19 Find Mirine's brother Mirine
20 Ride of Passage Automatically

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Level 21 - 30

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
22 Hunter's Prey Automatically
23 Kill Eun-Jung
  • 150.000 EXP
  • 60.000
  • Class Helm level 21+5
24 Rambunctious Rascals Automatically
25 Revenge the Ringtrader Old Lady
26 Chained Reactions Automatically
27 Kill Goo-Pae Ariyoung
28 Past Lost Automatically
30 The secret of the Metin Stones Automatically
30 The Javelins Ah-Yu
30 Fishing Challenge
  • Level 30 Weapon+2
30 The cold-blooded Dinner
  • Normal: Starts at 10 herbs. Increases by 5 each gamble
  • Master: Starts at 25 herbs. Increases by 5 each gamble
  • Grandmaster: Starts at 40 herbs. Increases by 5 each gamble
  • Perfect Master: Starts at 40 herbs. Increases by 10 each gamble
  • Go to Yang-Shin at the second map.
  • Click at 'The cold-blooded dinner' and then 'Start Rep-Quest'.
  • Kill the monster that the quest requires to collect Animal Heart. Target monster will vary depending on your level. The required hearts will vary depending on the grade of difficulty of the enemy you need to kill.
  • When you are done, the quest scroll will change to 'You have all Animal Hearts'.
  • Go back to Yang-Shin, pick your reward from a list of herbs (Peach Bloom, Thistle, Plumbago, Grinderlia, Jamul, Ganonderma, Lippia, or Sundew) and earn rep-quest points.
  • According to your rep-quest points your will get better rewards and you can do the quest faster every time:

-Normal: 0 to 499 Points. Waiting time: 24h -Master: 500 to 2499 Points. Waiting time: 20h -Grandmaster: 2500 to 9999 Points. Waiting time: 16h -Perfect Master: 10000+ Points. Waiting time: 12h

30 The Secret Stash
  • Depends on the NPC you choose and the Ingots you have
Betrayer Balso
  • Go to Betrayer Balso at Johwa
  • Pay the insurance
  • After a day the quest will change to 'A new morning has risen'. Click on the scroll.
  • Go then to Balso. He will give you the Gold Ingots.
  • The following NPCs will offer you some Yang in exchange for your ingots:

Captain gives you 400k for each one AND half of the previous price for every other one. Old Lady gives you 550k for the first two and will add half of that price for the last one. Uriel gives you 750k for the first one but it will discount a 20% for every other one. Biologist Chaegirab gives you 600k for each one. Baek-Go gives you 800k for the first one and will only give you half that price for the next ones.

  • Go to the NPC or NPCs of your choice and sell them some ingots by dragging Lump of Gold from your inventory onto them!

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Level 31 - 40

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
31 Ariyoung's reaction to flowers David
32 Get Evil bl.Storm Archers Captain
32 The secret book: The first Page Uriel
32 The secret book: The second Page
33 Blacksmith's new weapon
  • 400.000 EXP
  • 90.000
  • Level 32 Weapon+5 (According to Class)
Gold Ore
Silver Ore
Ebony Ore
34 Ore for the Blacksmith (new armour) Blacksmith
Ebony Ore
Copper Ore
Piece of Pearl
35 The Golden Axe of Deokbae Deokbae
36 The Ginseng Collector Mirine
37 Find the Spider with the Bell Yu-Rang
38 The secret book: The second page Mr. Soon
39 The Lost Rice Cake
  • 1.000.000 EXP
  • 1x random Secrets book
40 Kill the Generals of the Black Wind Automatically
40 The Mysterious Stones Alchemist
40 The pages of the secret book (Third Uriel page) Automatically
40 In the Yongbi Desert (Fourth Uriel Page) Automatically
40 The uncomfortable people (Fifth Uriel Page) Automatically

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Level 41 - 50

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
41 Dealer Question Peddler
44 The Treasure Map of the Bookworm Mr. Soon
45 Treasure of the Hunter Yang-Shin
46 For the rest of the Dead Dragon Force Teacher
47 The Stallions are in trouble Yonah
47 The 6th Page (Uriel's sixth page) Uriel
47 The secret forces (Uriel's seventh page) Yu-Hwan
47 Kill the Snake Swordman (Uriel's eigth page) Uriel
48 The Cure for Balso Betrayer Balso
49 Octavio's Recipe Octavio
50 About the secret code... Captain
  • Go to Captain
  • Translate the text (EMIESNE SENE TA OHZNORI)
50 Demon's Keepsake Automatically
50 Capture the Fiery Poison Spider (9th Uriel Page) Uriel
50 The trace in the Ice Mountain (10th Uriel Page) Automatically
50 Capture the Claw Poison Spider (11th Uriel Page) Automatically
50 The Secret of the Celadon Porcelain Captain
  • Go to Yonah
  • Ask Uriel about the Celadon Porcelain making process.
  • Go to Mr. Soon.
  • Go to the Peddler and get the book for Mr. Soon.
  • Go back to Soon and he'll give you a paper which you need to take to Yonah.
  • Talk to Yonah and give him the notes.
50 Hundred Lucky Fortunes
  • Depends on the pot.
  • Talk to Taurean and pick a coin type: - Bronze Coin: It will cost you 250.000 Yang and you'll win 10% of what's in the pot! - Silver Coin: It will cost you 750.000 Yang and you'll win 20% of what's in the pot! - Golden Coin: It will cost you 2.000.000 Yang and you'll win 50% of what's in the pot! - Platinum Coin: It will cost you 5.000.000 Yang and you'll win all the cash in the pot! - In the event that you win, it will be broadcast to the chat.

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Level 51 - 60

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
52 Yu-Hwan's instrument Captain
55 The seek for the monuments (12th Uriel Page)
  • 6.500.000 EXP
  • 162.500
55 The last page (13th Uriel Page) Automatically
55 Balso's Disease
  • 3.500.000 EXP
  • 885.000
Betrayer Balso
55 Celadon Porcelain Yonah

Kill Desert Outlaws to get Plasticine. Mine Crystal Ore from Crystal Mines. Kill Strong Stone Ape, Strong Gold Ape from the Joklor Dungeon to obtain Monkey's Blood

  • Return to Yonah and deliver the materials..
56 Supporting war device Captain
57 Frog's Legs Soup
  • 5.000.000 EXP
  • 550.000
58 The Source of Danger
  • 8.000.000 EXP
  • Duban's Potion Shop and the REP Quest The Source of Danger is Unlocked.
  • Go to the Snakefield and talk to Duban
  • Kill Venom Snake Swordsman until you get Venemous Snake Gland and return to Duban within 2 minutes.
  • Return to Duban before the time runs out.
58 Meet the spy Captain
59 About Bingsu Taurean
60 Get The Secret Spells Mr. Soon
60 The research of the biologist 4 Automatically
60 Dark Nation Uriel
60 Dark Nation II Uriel

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Level 61 - 70

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
61 The Dark Leader
  • 7.000.000 EXP
  • 250.000
62 Toxic Weaponry
  • 3.500.000
63 Toxic Weaponry II
  • 5.000.000
  • Find Cassim on Snakefield and talk to him.
  • Defeat Kenki either alone or in a party of which you are the leader.
  • Go back to Cassim.
66 Journal of the Witch
  • 3
    (special ones)
66 Toxic Weaponry III
  • 7.500.000
66 Anonymous Letter
  • 4.000.000 EXP
  • 200.000 Yang
  • Red Dragon's Blessing (L)
City Guard
70 The Ghost Forest
  • +10% permanent damage reduction
  • +11 moving speed
  • Talk to Biologist Chaegirab.
  • Obtain
    by killing monsters at Red Wood Forest.
  • You can only deliver one branch at a time, every 10 hours. If your branch is thin and broken, Biologist will have no use for it. Collect 25 tree branches to complete this part of the quest.
  • Now you will need to find
    by killing some more monsters at Red Wood.
  • Come to Biologist Chaegirab with the stone and he'll give you a secret recipe.
  • Go back to Baek-Go and deliver the recipe.
70 The War of Spider Dungeon Pung-Ho
  • Find Pung-Ho again and talk to him. He will give you a hint, and some Clay.
  • Click on 'the Hint of Pung-Ho' when you are ready. You will have 5 minutes from that moment on.
  • Try to use the clay on the centre of the room in which the floor spider is different.
  • Return to Pung-Ho bringing Lettered Clay.
  • Kill the Queen Spider.
  • Go to Pung-Ho to complete the quest.

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Level 71 - 80

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
72 The Discovery Lee Chung
72 Treasure of the Nine Tails Lee Chung
75 Find Heuk-Young Seon-Hae
78 Red Hell Crystal Lee Chung
78 The Last Ingredient Lee Chung
80 Fire and Ice
  • 90.000.000 exp
  • 3.000.000
Mr. Soon
80 The Giant Symbols
  • +10% permanent Attack Strength
  • +6 permanent attack speed
  • Blue Ebony Box
  • Talk to Biologist Chaegirab.
  • Obtain
    by killing monsters at Giant Wasteland.
  • You can only deliver one symbol at a time, every 12 hours. Collect 30 symbols to complete this part of the quest. Note that some may be filled with wrong energy and will be useless.
  • Now you will need to obtain
    by killing some more monsters at Giant Wasteland.
  • Return to Biologist Chaegirab with it, who will give you yet another recipe for Baek-Go.
  • Go to Baek-Go.

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Level 81-90

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
84 Place of the Forgotten Memories Lee Chung
84 Grim Reaper Lee Chung
  • Kill Charon. After you do, a scroll will show up informing that the Ice Witch has been resurrected.
  • Talk to Lee Chung.
85 Red Wood Branches Automatically
  • Talk to Biologist Chaegirab.
  • Obtain 40 Red Wood Branches by killing monsters at Ghost Forest.
  • You can only deliver one red branch at a time, every 14 hours. As usual, some may be broken or too thin and Biologist will find no value in them. Collect 40 correct branches to complete this part of the quest.
  • Now you will need to obtain Evil Soul Stone by killing some more monsters at the Forest.
  • Take the Soul Stone to the Biologist.
  • Go to Baek-Go to receive the stats increase.
90 The research of the biologist 8 8% Damage increase against other players (permanent) Automatically
90 Sounds of the mine! Automatically
90 The Mystical Ring Blacksmith
90 Calamity on the mines! Hye Chang

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Event Quests

Level Order Reward Receive where? Process
21 Christmas' Strange Gifts Guardian

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