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General Information

Metins or Metin Stones fall as meteorites from the sky, and then stay in the place where they land, until they are destroyed. Metins are significantly different from other opponents/mobs:

  • Metins don't move.
  • Metins don't attack.
  • Depending on the metin and the remaining HP left on it, the metin stone will usually spawn 10 groups of monsters that will automatically attack who is attacking the metin. The first two spawns consist of a group of monsters, the next four spawns two groups, and the last four spawns up to three groups.
  • Metins are a class 5 opponent and therefore, comparing to other opponents of the same level are fairly hard to destroy.
  • Metins can be spawned with Metin Stone(L) Metin Stone(N) Metin Stone(H)
  • It's usually recommended that you destroy metins within 9 levels above your level, for optimized drop rates
  • Metins are extremely popular targets because they are the most important or even almost the only source of essential items such as:
  • All Metins (only Metin Stones and the Demon King) except Metin of Wind Devil (Lvl 75), Metin of Devil Eyes (Lvl 80) and Metin of Fighting Dragon (Lvl 85) drop Skill Book
  • Spirit Stones drop only from Metin of Black or higher. Metin Stones in Demon Tower, Dragon Lair and Red Dragon Fortress don't drop spirit stones.
  • Metins above level 40, Metin of Soul can drop Soul Stone

Normal Metin Stones

Level Image Name Spawn areas Skill Book Spirit Stones Soul Stones
5 Metin of Sorrow.jpg Metin of Sorrow Johwa, Citadel
10 Metin of Combat.jpg Metin of Combat Johwa, Citadel
15 Metin of Battle.jpg Metin of Battle Johwa, Citadel
20 Metin of Greed.jpg Metin of Greed Johwa, Citadel
25 Metin of Black.jpg Metin of Black Bakra, Bokjung, Johwa, Citadel
30 Metin of Darkness.jpg Metin of Darkness Bakra, Bokjung, Johwa, Citadel
35 Metin of Pride.jpg Metin of Pride Yongbi Desert
35 Metin of Jealousy.jpg Metin of Jealousy Bakra, Bokjung, Johwa, Citadel
40 Metin of Soul.jpg Metin of Soul Seungryong Valley
45 Metin of Shadow.jpg Metin of Shadow Yongbi Desert, Snakefield
50 Metin of Toughness.jpg Metin of Toughness Sohan Mountain
Demon Tower 1st Floor
55 Metin of Devil.jpg Metin of Devil Dark Temple
Demon Tower 3rd Floor
60 Metin of Deceit.jpg Metin of Deceit Snakefield
60 Metin of Fall.jpg Metin of Fall Demon Tower 3rd Floor
60 Metin Of Vengeance.jpg Metin Of Vengeance Dragon Lair
60 Metin Of Solitude.jpg Metin Of Solitude Dragon Lair
60 Metin Of Mountain.jpg Metin Of Mountain Dragon Lair
60 Metin Of Arrogance.jpg Metin Of Arrogance Dragon Lair
65 Metin of Death.jpg Metin of Death Sohan Mountain
Demon Tower
70 Metin of Murder.jpg Metin of Murder Fireland
Demon Tower
75 Metin of Wind Devil.jpg Metin of Wind Devil Giant Wasteland, Ghost Forest, Snakefield
80 Metin of Devil Eyes.jpg Metin of Devil Eyes Giant Wasteland, Ghost Forest, Snakefield
85 Metin of Fighting Dragon.jpg Metin of Fighting Dragon Red Forest
90 Metin of Lightning Cloud.jpg Metin of Lightning Cloud Red Forest
95 Metin of Doom.jpg Metin of Doom Devil's Catacomb
100 Metin of Gloom.png Metin of Gloom Cape Dragon Head
100 Metin of Ember.jpg Metin of Ember Nephrite Bay, Cape Dragon Head
105 Purgatory Fire Metin.png Purgatory Fire Metin Red Dragon Fortress
105 Metin of Vanity.png Metin of Vanity Nephrite Bay
105 Metin of Wrath.jpg Metin of Wrath Thunder Mountains, Guatama Cliff
110 Metin of Calamity.png Metin of Calamity Thunder Mountains
110 Metin of Malice.jpg Metin of Malice Guatama Cliff

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