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Information about Polymorph:

Polymorhp is a skill that allow to transform your character into a moob. To use this skill you need a Polymorph Marble.

Polymorph Skill

  • You can trainFertigkeit Verwandlung.gif with reading Polymorph books till P. A polymorph book is available in 3 stages
    Polymorph Book (1 to M1),
    Advanced Polymorph Book (M1 to G1) and
    Master Polymorph Book(G1 to P).
  • Level 0: 5 minutes time duration
  • Levels 1-G10: 10 minutes time duration
  • Level P: 35 minutes time duration

Color of the poly marble means the level from which you can use it.

  • From level: 1
  • From level: 28
  • From level: 65
  • From level: 75


Level of your polymorph does affect multiple stats, including damage.

Area of effect