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Treasure Hunt

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Season1 treasure.png

Treasure Hunt

On Wom2 you can find Treasure Maps by killing monsters in neutral areas, they're exceedingly rare so if you manage to get one make sure to pick it up! The treasure map will point to a location on the map you obtained it from and it's on you to figure out where the alluring X leads to! Once there, prepare your best friends and venture into the Lost King's Treasury.

Treasure map.png

Treasure Room

Inside the treasury you will encounter a badder and meaner version of the local big boss to oppose you. You have 5 minutes before the treasury collapses so make sure you dispatch them quickly! Should your entire party be knocked out or 5 minutes pass without a victory, you'll be sent out of the treasure room and the loot will be lost forever! So not only will your friends in combat serve as valuable forces to beat the heart-pounding DPS check but increase your survivability inside the treasure room.

If you manage to emerge the victor, a gigantic golden chest will await you on the throne awarding you and your friends with various treasures. Give yourself a pat on the back and stay vigilant for when the next treasure map requires your exploration skills to beat!

  • You can't poison the boss.
  • You can't summon your horse/mount.
  • Bring Polymorph Marble to increase your chances.
  • It's almost impossible to finish the Treasure Room alone!

Treasure room.png

Types of Treasure Rooms

Image Boss Place Strong against + Resistances Max Lv.
Chief Orc.png
Guard Chief Orc Seungryong Valley Strong vs. Orcs 60
Spider Baroness.png
Guard Spider King Yongbi Desert Strong vs. Arachnids 60
Dark-Ghost Leader.png
Guard Esoteric Spirit Dark Temple Strong vs. Esoterics + Wind resistance 80
Nine Tails.png
Guard Nine Tails Sohan Mountain Ice resistance 80
Flame King.png
Guard Flame King Fireland Fire resistance 80
Stone Tortoise.png
Guard Stone Tortoise Snakefield - 80
Red Wood Tree.png
Guard Red Tree King Red Forest Earth resistance 90
Elite Gnoll King.png
Guard Gnoll King Cape Dragon Head Strong vs. Animals + Earth resistance 105
Elite King Crab.png
Guard King Crab Nephrite Bay Strong vs. Devils + Ice resistance 105
Elite Lemures Prince.png
Guard Lemure Prince Guatama Cliff Strong vs. Devils + Wind resistance 105
Elite King Wobba.png
Guard King Wobba Thunder Mountains Strong vs. Orcs + Earth resistance 105

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